Coal and Mineral Analyses

We deliver independent analysis services for most common types of minerals, including coal and coke.

We comply with international standard analysis methods, and pay attention to rigorously apply the analysis methods to obtain sufficient accuracy and repeatability in our results.

Strategically located in Mersin, our accredited laboratory provides a broad range of testing services for clients located in Turkey and worlwide.

Full list of tested products

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Key Benefits

  • Trueness: we provide the results most close to the real value.
  • Reactiveness: rapid responses across all stages, from analysis requests to cdelivery of the reports
  • Approachability: our expertise helps us gain a strong understanding and build relationships with our clients
  • Capability: specialist, profecional team and qualified service
  • Technology: state-of-the art facilities

Request an Analysis

To request an analysis for your business, please download, complete and return our analysis request form below. For more information about our services, please contact us.

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